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Lucy(less than a year ago)

I loved the author visit by Andy Seed because it was so funny He told us lots of stories about him and his friend Phillip when he was young and he taught each class a cool poem, class 6 and 5 was about the library and how a book will blow your mind!

Lucy(less than a year ago)

I loved Wonder when he makes. a new friend because it doesn't matter what he looks like. I especially liked it when August graduate from his class because it puts a lovely image in my head and I also love it when he gets a new dog

Kaige(less than a year ago)

The Worlds Worst Children by David Walliams Illustrated By Tony Ross This book is amazing because it has hilarious story's about really naughty , slobbery , snotty , clever , horrible , smelly , discussing and bouncy children. I recommend this book to everyone since it is amazing .

Antonia(less than a year ago)

I am a librarian and i help people choose books and help them look for a book when they want to borrow a book from our school library. I go to the Sacred Heart Book Club with 4 more people. When we go to the book club we get hot chocolate and biscuits. The book club are recently reading books for Spellbinding.

Kara(less than a year ago)

I go to this school and it has the BEST library ever. If i want a any book i ask the librarians and i get the book. we have fun competitions and have fun at the library. we have all different types of books and have author visits like Damian Harvy , Peirs Torday and more.

Alfie(less than a year ago)

I think that the libary is great because we can go and get awesome books out and the best libary teacher in the world and tells us where all the best books are and she even made the boys there own book box full of interesting boy books.

Maddie(about a year ago)

I am a librarian and I love being one because Mrs Needham is the worlds best teacher ever and I mostly love her dangly thing that hangs off the ceiling with awesome and decorative things to do with the library topic such as : Valentine's Day ,Halloween ,Harry Potter Book Night and Teddy Bears. I think that Mrs Needham should do The Very Hungry Caterpillar themed one seen as though we are doing a Giant Wiggle on the 24th of March 2017 and a role-play of it too !!! I recommend to all children to read every night so that you can earn yourself a red smiley-faced stamp to collect your prizes and if you have 150 stamps you can have your very own book off Mrs Needham's Red Ted shelf !!! :)

Zofia(about a year ago)

Our school library is amazing. Its a fantastic place to let your imagination go wild .Our school library is a magical place ( maybe more magical than Hogwarts) full of different types of books and genres . In this magical place anything can happen ....

Zofia(about a year ago)

I am a reading buddy , a librarian and a member of the borrowers. I enjoy author visits . Our most recent author visit was Damian Harvey. I am a great reader and I love reading fantasy books. Our fantastic head librarian,Mrs Needham, has planned lots of different activities and competitions. Our library is amazing !!!

Josh Lacey (Author)(about a year ago)

Remembering my visit to Sacred Heart, I’m amazed to realise that I visited your school three years ago; I remember my visit extremely well. I loved coming to Barrow for the day, and particularly enjoyed talking to all the children at the school, and visiting your lovely library. Thank you for inviting me - and I hope you’re all enjoying the library. When I was younger, the library at my own school was probably my favourite place. I fled there, and dived into the pages of a book, and escaped from my ordinary life, and found lives that I would rather be leading. You’re very lucky to have such a lovely library at your school - I hope you cherish it!

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