Library Spy Party

The junior children were recently invited to attend a spy party at the school library.  4 books were being held to ransom and the children had to solve many different clues to find out the titles of the missing books.  To begin they were given their identity spy cards, along with their spy name and fingerprints taken. They took part in a library scavenger hunt, to unlock a 4 digit combination lock, code deciphering, including morse code, master of disguise and laser beam training.  When there mission was complete they went home with a party bag full of spy mementos. 

Spy party video link


Aliens Love Underpants - 10th Birthday Tea Party


The latest tea party to be held at the library was in celebration of the fabulous book, Aliens Love Underpants, being 10 years old.  The infant children enjoyed the original story and Aliens Love Underpants Save the World followed by craft activities of alien space crafts complete with aliens, alien headgear and decorating some fancy pants.  After tea they left with a party bag full of alien goodies!