Welcome To Class 5

My name is Miss Donnan and I will be teaching Class 5 this year. The lovely Mrs Murray will also be working alongside us throughout the year too. Class 5 have PE scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays
so please make sure your child has their PE kits on these days. 

As part of becoming more responsible for their own learning, children in Class 5 will be encouraged to look after their belongings and prepare for school independently. This may mean making sure they have their reading book in their bag or making sure they have remembered to bring in their homework on time
(Monday). I  also ask that children read every night and record this in their reading records. This will help them a great deal with their writing in school.

I hope all parents/guardians will support us in helping to develop this independence and responsibility within our children.


English in Class 5...

Class 5 have been very busy so far and have covered a lot in English! We have written diary entries, letters, poems and many other things! We are currently looking at myths and legends. We will start off by discussing what these are and looking at existing myths and legends. We will then move onto writing our very own myths and legends. One thing that is very important in class 5 is that the children are able to evaluate and edit their own writing. We try to encourage the children to read through their work and think about how they could improve it. 


Maths in Class 5...

Throughout the year we will be constantly revising place value and times tables, as these are the basic skills that enable children to progress in maths.  It is more important than ever that Year 5 sharpen their mental skills and crack their times tables! By this we mean learning the whole multiplication fact, not just the answer, e.g. 6x7=42. This will help in countless areas of maths and speed up the activities we do. We ask that you work on these with your children at home to enhance their skills. We are currently working on long multiplication and division and then turning remainders into fractions. 


Topic in Class 5...

During the Spring Term we are looking at World War Two for our topic. So far we have looked at evacuation and rationing. We have spent a long time looking at the life of children during the war and comparing this to our lives now. We have been using a book called 'Rose Blanche'. This is about a little girl who lived during the war and visited a concentration camp. Class 5 are really enjoying their topic this term and look forward to learning more! We are learning a dance surrounding World War Two as well, we hope to show you it once it is finished!




Medium/Long Term Planning

This is the long term plan for the current year.