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Art & Design

Called to Change

At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary and Nursery school we ensure Christ is at the center of everything we do. Our curriculum is based on a Called to Change theme. We want our pupils to grow up appreciating the beauty of the world, valuing and respecting both the environment and the people in it, to become an active and caring member of society.

We  believe that Every Child is an Artist and therefore aim to inspire and encourage children to develop their imagination and creativity, learning skills that they can take into their future life, which could be instrumental in ensuring our children become active and valued members of society. Through engaging with Art & Design children can learn to relieve worries and stress expressing their feelings, thoughts and ideas. They also learn the importance of respecting the feelings of others, through working collaboratively with others and critiquing their own and other work.


All children, including the most disadvantaged pupils, the most able pupils and pupils with SEND receive the same challenge within the same broad curriculum. 

Art & Design teaching is geared towards enabling each pupil to develop their creativity, imagination and confidence to produce creative art, craft and design works within their capabilities whilst developing an understanding of the use of arts in the world around them.

To teach a rich, balanced , progressive and cohesive curriculum using art, craft and design techniques, terminology,  developing an appreciation of great artists, craft makers and designers, promoting independence and creativity, resilience, critical thinking and the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings.

Lessons build on knowledge, skills and understanding from previous lessons and prior learning in earlier year groups.  

We aim to encourage and enthuse pupils to take responsibility for their own learning.


All lessons contain different levels of challenge linked to the learning objective and all children access an age appropriate curriculum. IT ensures all children can succeed in tasks by responding in a variety of ways

 Planning for all art and design is done using the 2014 National Curriculum and called to change curriculum over arching theme of our topics to ensure that knowledge, skills and understanding is developed throughout the year (short-term) and the Key Stage (long-term). Planning is sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards defined end points.

Lessons focus on different visual and tactile elements of art, engaging in different skills and techniques whilst developing an understanding of artistic terminology and that of great artists, craft makers and designers. 

Children are encouraged to persevere in areas of art, craft and design that they may find more challenging. They are also encouraged to develop  their own creativity and independence in art. Children who find the more academic subjects challenging are encouraged to shine in art, craft and design.

Throughout the curriculum oracy is taught to develop and encourage children’s communication skills. This in turn raises self-esteem and resilience.


All Children of all abilities achieve in all lessons. The most disadvantaged children and children with SEND are given the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. All children are taught a broad, rich curriculum and still achieve success.

Children develop their knowledge and skills in art & design and reach national expectations or above by the end of each Key Stage.

Children are supported to achieve at Age Related Expectations. They can apply their own creativity and flair in producing pieces of work which show their developing skills. They have the opportunity to apply their artistic and creative skills throughout the curriculum.

 Children will enjoy challenge and will have developed persistence and independence.


To assess Art & Design all teachers complete endpoints at the end of every half term based on the standards and skills set by the National Curriculum. They give percentages of children that are working towards, meeting age related standards and working at greater depth. The children that are not meeting age related expectations will then get further support moving forward in order to try and fill any gaps in learning. 

Year 7 - life after Sacred Heart

We are part of the Mater Christi Trust and work closely with the Secondary schools in our family. We want to ensure that our children have a successful and positive transition between Key Stage 2 and 3 and are prepared for their adult life as well. 


We ensure that the children focus on a wide range of Art & Design skills that will serve them well in Key Stage 3, This also boosts their communication skills and confidence in this subject area which will help them connect with the new students they meet as they transition into Year 7. 

We focus on their oracy skills during all Art & Design lessons which ensures children are able to fully participate as part of a group when in a larger setting.

Their time at Primary school ensures that they are fluent in and have mastered the knowledge and skills needed for the Key Stage 2 curriculum and are ready for accessing the Key Stage 3 curriculum in depth.