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Called to change 

Our Maths curriculum is sequenced in small steps to ensure the learning is both achievable and progressive. We want our pupils to have an amazing future where they have the knowledge and skills to reach their full potential. We know that our pupils need core Maths skills to understand the wider curriculum and be able to access a range of problems.  We know that the world is changing quickly around us and want our pupils to be equipped for their transition to secondary and whatever their future may hold.


  • All children, including the most disadvantaged pupils, the most able pupils and pupils with SEND receive the same challenge within the same broad curriculum. Deployment of support staff is used to ensure gaps are effectively closed ready for the next step in learning.
  • At Sacred Heart RC Primary and Nursery School the mathematics teaching is geared towards enabling each pupil to develop within their capabilities; not only the mathematics skills and understanding required for later life, but also an enthusiasm and fascination about mathematics
  • Long Term planning ensures that lessons build on knowledge, skills and understanding from previous lessons and prior learning in earlier year groups. A mastery approach is used to develop a deep and broad understanding across the Maths curriculum.
  • Our intent is to teach a rich, balanced , progressive and cohesive curriculum using Maths to reason, problem solve and develop fluent conceptual understanding in each area. The use of modelling, manipulatives and pictorial representations before moving to more abstract approaches
  • Children will be challenged irrespective of their ability and starting points. We aim to encourage and enthuse pupils to take responsibility for their own learning.


  • All lessons contain different levels of challenge linked to the learning objective and all children access an age appropriate curriculum. IT ensures all children can succeed in tasks by responding in a variety of ways
  • Teachers have expert knowledge of the subjects that they teach and all lessons contain challenge. Staff have received training in all new initiatives across Growth Mindset, Use of Bar modelling, ‘Kickstarters’—all by outside experts in their fields.
  • Planning for all Maths lessons is done using the 2014 National Curriculum and White Rose Mastery Scheme of work. This ensures that knowledge, skills and understanding is developed throughout the year (short-term) and the Key Stage (long-term). Planning is sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards defined end points.
  • The curriculum supported by WRM and Classroom Secrets resources to support this. A range of physical apparatus and manipulatives are used when needed to develop understanding throughout the school. Pupils engage in: The development of mental strategies · Written methods · Practical work using manipulatives and concrete apparatus moving to pictoral representation and then abstract concepts. · Investigational work
  • Growth Mindset approach is used with varying levels of challenge to encourage children to stretch themselves. This also avoids children wasting time performing tasks that they can already do with ease.



  • All Children of all abilities achieve in all lessons. The most disadvantaged children and children with SEND are given the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. All children are taught a broad, rich curriculum and still achieve success in examinations and tests.
  • The impact of our mathematics curriculum is that our children will achieve in line with National expectations. Work and evidence will demonstrate a broad range of activities.
  • Children are able to achieve at Age Related Expectations. They can apply their Mathematical skills to solve a range of problems. They can apply their mathematical skills and knowledge across the curriculum, particularly in Science and for example map skills in Geography.
  • Children will enjoy challenge and will have developed persistence and independence.



We use PUMA and practice SATS papers (in Class 2 and 6) to assess Maths termly. Year 2 and Year 6 also do SATS as part of national assessment and Year 4 take the MTC. 

Year 7 - life after Sacred Heart

 We are part of the Mater Christi Trust and work closely with the Secondary schools in our family. We want to ensure that our children have a successful and positive transition between Key Stage 2 and 3 and are prepared for their adult life as well. 

We ensure that they focus on developing their basic number skills so they can apply these confidently when problem solving which will serve them well in Key Stage 3. 

We focus on their oracy skills through collaborative problem solving to ensure they have the vocabulary to express themselves and their answers. This also boots their confidence and communication skills which will help them when meeting new pupils in Year 7.

Their time at Primary school and preparation for SATS in Year 6, ensures that they are fluent in and have mastered the knowledge and skills needed for the Key Stage 2 curriculum and are ready for accessing the Key Stage 3 curriculum in depth. 


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